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Node.JS Master Program

Avis Technologies is going to launch a new web development course i.e. Node.JS Master.

This 2 months Node.js certificate course is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment for executing JavaScript code server-side. In this short- term program, you’ll learn how to set up a web server, import the node modules, interact with the database and much more!

Pre-requisites to Join Node.JS Master Course:

Advance knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Knowledge of any Database and Server-side Programming would be an added benefit

  • Node.js Introduction, Setup, and Installation
  • Introducing to Node.js
  • Setting Up Node.js
  • Comprehending Node.js
  • Understanding the global object and timing using Node Core
  • Importing and working with the core modules using Node Modules
  • Events Handling in Node.JS
  • File System in Node.js
  • Reading, composition, and relocation files
  • Operating with file streams
  • The HTTP Module
  • The HTTP protocols and formation of an HTTP server
  • Yielding a response and managing query strings
  • Representational State Transfer
  • Formatting TLS
  • Serving files and JSON data
  • Summary of Node Package Manager
  • Installation of npm locally
  • Global Installation of npm
  • Web Servers
  • The package.json file in web server
  • Running with Express
  • The Framework of web server
  • Investigating and debugging Node.js code Deployment and Automation

Career Options:
Node.js Programmer.


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